10. Luhan berlangganan membeli sepatu

1. I use cooking tools to make food, 2. Zhaolin pays house tax bill, 3. Yi fan complains because she got headache, “5. Hes not happy because his friend disturbs”, 6. The payment is paid, 7. Katie changes the photo in her home, 8. There is big wave coming, 9. He feels something weird, 10. Luhan subscribes to buy shoes
1. i use cooking tools to make food, 2.zhaolin pay the tax bill, 3.yi fan because he complained of headaches, 5.he was not happy because of his disruptive, 6.payment rates have been paid, 7.katie replace her home photo, 8.no big waves came, 9.he felt a strange, 10.luhan subscribe buy shoes, itu kak jawaban nya klo gk salah