Buat percakapan bahasa inggris yang pemerannya itu member One Direction. Mohon bantuannya :)

Harry: “Hello Liam, what are you doing tonight?”, Liam: “I have a dinner with my mom and dad after our concert.”, Harry: “Oh well then, never mind.”, Liam: “Sorry Harry. What were you going to ask me?”, Harry: “I was going to ask you if you wanted to play bowling with me and Louis. I thought it would be a great idea.”, Liam: “I\m sorry I can\t come. How about Zayn?”, Harry: “He is going on a date with Perrie tonight.”, Liam: “Oh. Have you tried asking Niall?”, Harry: “I was looking for him all day, so no I haven\t tried asking Niall.”, Liam: “I think he\s out buying some Big Macs for himself. He should be back now.”, Harry: “Okay. Thank you, Liam. Have a great day.”, Liam: “You\re welcome. You too, lad!”