g. chimney

1. the snail approached me slowly but sure, 2. sleep is beneficial because it can refresh your energy, 3. dont bullied me, if you always do that you can become a bad person for me., 4. oh no.. the concert is canceled, i already have the ticket., 5.she sing that chant in the church with beautifully, 6.the murder in chase with the police and FBI come to help., 7. the chimney in your house is so dirty.,
, “
1. The volunteers using the social approach of their working in the detention home of illegal migrants. 2. The treatment has great beneficial for your pets health. 3. The bully cases at school in United State has increase this year. 4. I decide to cancel my meeting with my step sister, cos i think its not the right time to tell her whats going on about our parents married. 5. Its chant of sadness when i see on TV, when they announced that they will send the military to solve the problems in Palestine. 6. I fell like i chase the rainbow if i keep chasing him, cos he just to high for me. 7. She already clean up the chimney when her mother call her.”,